Dear All, 

We are pleased to announce that REGISTRATION 2018 IS NOW Not-OPEN yet. 

The Registration period for the The Learning Harbour @ Admiralty Primary School is as follows: 



Registration Venue


Please kindly note the following information:


1. We WILL NOT be practising a First-Come-First-Served model and will only enrol students from Admiralty Primary School for The Learning Harbour @ Admiralty Primary School branch.


2. At this point, we expect to be able to accommodate up to 60 students for our Student Care enrollment 2018.


3. Locations of other Student Care Centres in the respective areas can also be found on the Ministry Of Social & Family Development (MSF) website. Please click here for more information. 


4. For Enrollment into The Learning Harbour @ CC (Community Centre), Please click here


 Acceptance and Termination of Enrollment 

The Centre reserves the right to accept or reject registration and termination in respect of any child regardless of availability of placement. Such decision are made at the sole discretion of the Centre. 


For Registration matters, click here


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