House Rules


Students are to proceed to the school canteen at 2.30pm (on Monday) and 2pm (Tuesday – Friday) for lunch. Students whom are requested by their teachers to stay behind or have extra classes after school hours are to inform their respective Mentor-in-charge of their class first. 


Kindly inform us if your child is not attending that day. Lunch time will be from 2.00/2.30 pm to 3 pm, and students may rest during this period after they have finished their lunch or play in-house educational board games provided by the centre.


For students who will be arriving late (before 4PM) due to CCA or afterschool programme, kindly inform us in advance so that we will be able to reserve lunch for them. For students arriving at our centre at/after 4.00pm lunch will not be served due to food safety considerations and, it will be only a short while before they have their afternoon tea-break at 4.15pm.




The programme at The Learning Harbour will officially end at 15pm and we strongly encourage parents to select a preferred dismissal time from the following time-slots for your child.


5.00PM 5.30PM 6.00PM 6.30PM 6.45PM


For non-emergency cases, please inform The Learning Harbour on the student’s pick-up time by 3pmso that we can facilitate the movement of students.


For emergency cases, should there be any last minute changes to your child’s dismissal, please inform the centre via the Official WhatsApp channel (88775533) at least 30 minutes before the pick-up time. Your child may only be dismissed during the next available timeslot.


Do take note that the last official pick-up time is at 6.45 pm, please inform the centre if you are unable to reach on time due to exigencies. A late fee may be imposed on students who are not picked up on time. The late fee is SGD$10 for every 15 minutes from 7.00pm, or part thereof.


Should you be arranging for someone else to pick up your child, kindly fill in and submit the Pick-Up Authorisation form. Kindly note that notification via WhatsApp and SMS is not allowed. For security purposes, kindly note that we may request for the authorised personnel to produce an identification card when they pick up your child.


For parents who would like to train their children to be independent travellers, kindly fill in and submit the Student Direct Dismissal Authorisation Form.



 Payment and Withdrawal Policy

As a service which serves the needs of working parents, The Learning Harbour is committed to running programmes during the school holidays. As such, the half-day programme fees are applicable during the school holiday.


The Learning Harbour would be running full-day programmes during the school holidays. There will be an additional top-up of SGD $25 per week, and students who are only joining for the half-day programme can join us from 1.30pm onwards.


A written notice of at least 4 weeks (i.e. by the 1stof the month) must be given to The Learning Harbour on the intention to withdraw or change the schedule of the student.


The programme fees are still payable when the student is absent. This is because a place has been reserved for the student, and his/her name is maintained in the class register. Payment of fees is discontinued only after the student has withdrawn from the centre.




For security purposes and also to prevent disruption to the ongoing activity, we seek your kind understanding in refraining from entering the school premises and fetching your child at the centre.


Should any non-authorized personnel request to visit your child or pick up your child from the centre, The Learning Harbour reserves the right to turn away the visitor or refuse entry to any non-authorized personnel.



 Daily Health Check

Necessary precautions will be undertaken by The Learning Harbour to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Daily visual health checks will be conducted upon arrival, and parents will be notified immediately should students fall sick during their stay at The Learning Harbour.


We seek your kind understanding that students who are suffering from an infectious disease will be exempted from programme until the expiry of the medical certificate and/or when the student exhibits no symptoms of the illness.



 Administration of Medication

The Learning Harbour will not administer any form of oral medication without the written consent of parents. In order to ensure that the correct medication is taken at the right dosage, the endorsed Permission for School Administration of Medicine Form must be submitted for any medication which is consumed within the compounds of The Learning Harbour.


The student will only be allowed to consume the medication in the presence of a mentor, and the mentor will record the name of medicine and corresponding dosage in the Medication Record Form.



 Outdoor activities / sports

In developing a holistic programme, we have included outdoor activities and sports activities for our students to enjoy. Should your child have any medical conditions or physical difficulties which may encumber their participation, kindly inform us so that we can ensure the safety of your child.




The Learning Harbour aims to provide meals that are balanced and nutritious, and the menu may be changed from time to time to provide variety for the students. Should your child have any specific food allergies or religious dietary requirements, kindly indicate to us so that we can make alternative arrangements. To ensure food safety, students are not allowed to bring outside/home-cooked food to the centre for consumption.


As part of the holistic development, students will be expected to clear their bento and ensure that the premises are kept clean after lunch. Mentors will be present to remind students to keep the premises clean so that meals and tea breaks can be enjoyed in a comfortable and pest-free environment.



 Student behavioural management

The Learning Harbour values our student body, and we take a serious responsibility with regards to their well-being. We are a strong advocate of social development for our students, and we believe that student behavioural problems must be managed properly to ensure that students are able to learn about conflict management with their peers.


The Learning Harbour will not tolerate bullying and physical intimidation against other students, and it is our commitment to parents that behavioural problems will be managed by the teachers in a professional manner. Corporal punishment is not permissible at The Learning Harbour, and teachers will not be allowed to verbally abuse the students, withhold food, or physically isolate students. Should your child feedback that he has been bullied at The Learning Harbour, please raise this issue immediately with our management. The Learning Harbour will conduct an internal investigation to ensure that students’ emotional wellness are being taken care of.


The Learning Harbour reserves the right to suspend services to any child in exceptional circumstances, such as verbal abuse, physical endangerment, being caught in an act of misdemeanour such as theft or vandalism, or any other behaviour that will directly affect the safety and/or well-being of other students.


The Learning Harbour also reserves the right to terminate services who have directly affected the mental and/or physical well-being of other students. All termination will take effect upon one month’s written notice to parents. Should due notice not be given to the parents, The Learning Harbour shall refund the deposit and any remaining school fees which have been paid in advance.


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