Registration Procedures

We foresee that this will be the sequence of events for our 2018 registration. 


 For The Learning Harbour @ CCPlease click here to find out more information


 For The Learning Harbour @ Schools:

1. Please kindly submit the completed Registration Form to the General Office of the respective Schools.  Late or incomplete submissions might not be entertained. 


2. If you require a Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA) Form, please kindly obtain one from the General Office of the respective Schools or click here to enter our Resources Page


For more information on the SCFA, please click here


3. On ______________, we will provide an update on all forms received via (this webpage). Please kindly check that we have received your completed form by ___________. 


4. After collating the forms, we shall review with the school management on the registration process. We shall also prioritise all available places in the following order. 


* If extenuating circumstances exists, please kindly approach us.


5. In the event we find that we have insufficient places for all students who registered, we shall hold an open ballot no later than _____________ based on the prioritisation order in point 4.


6. All successful registrants’s details shall be published on our (website), no later than ___________. All other unsuccessful registrants will be queued (based on the ballot results) in our “Waiting List”.


7. Parents shall have till ___________ to complete the registration process^, by submitting the following items: 





8. If any eligible parent fails to complete registration by ____________ , we shall open up the space to the next registrant on our “Waiting List”.


If you have any queries, please kindly look for our staff ___________________ during Office Hours (1000 – 1900 hr) 


Click here for Information on our Fee Structure


Click here for Information on our Withdrawal / Termination / Refund Policy.


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