Rules & Regulations


All students attending the programme at The Learning Harbour Student Care Centre are required to be in proper school uniform or The Learning Harbour T-shirt at ALL times.


  Jewellery and Valuables

For safety reasons, students are strongly discouraged to put on any such valuables while in the centre.

The centre will not be responsible for any loss of such valuables.


  Photo-taking and Usage of Photographs

Students at The Learning Harbour may be filmed and/or photographed by our staff during the course of activities in the centre. These photographs or other multimedia products will remain the properties of the centre and we reserve the right to use these materials captured on newsletters, brochures, progress reports and for marketing purposes.

However, parent please refrain to film or take photograph at the centre without the approval of the centre supervisor.


  Change in Particulars

In order to effectively reach you in an emergency, it is in your child’s interest that you keep the centre updated regarding any change in your personal particulars.


* The centre’s rules and regulations are subject to changes from time to time at the discretion of the centre. Parents will be duly informed of such changes.




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